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Candle and Bright

Sundae Candles

Sundae Candles

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Ice Cream Candles:

These candles are made of 100% soy wax and cotton wicks, these candles are perfect for decorating your home, as well as adding a pleasant aroma of typical summer fruits.

Our candles are handmade taking care of every detail and taking care of the environment, all our ingredients are rigorously chosen ensuring that our suppliers make the ingredients free of animal cruelty.

Your glass container can be recycled or upcycled for new uses. The colors and shapes may vary. All of our candle desserts are handcrafted and therefore individually unique. The size, color, design may be slightly different from photos. Please expect possible minor imperfections.


We have selected high-quality ingredients from certified suppliers with international standards that guarantee a minimal environmental impact, are produced cruelty-free, and are suitable for use in humans.

How to use and Care

How to use:

***External Use only****


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